I was recently asked if I had any ideas for decorations for an engagement party, and the answer is yes, I have lots!  Without bombarding you with all my favourite party planning ideas and tips I have included a few of my favourites that are sure to get you started.

Planning a party is a lot of work, but for me the best fun is the preparation because it’s a time to let your creative side and party planning skills out.

Here are my top 10 Engagement Party decoration ideas:

1. FairylightsIf you have a big space and are not sure how to fill it, fairylights are the quickest and easiest way to add a bit of sparkle to your venue and I think they are the most romantic piece you can add (just think, all the romance movies have a scene under the stars or amongst fairylights… it creates that dream setting).

2. Paper LanternsThese can be with or without candles/lights in them.  If you’re having a party at night these add an extra dimension to the fairylights.  If you’re having your event during the day they are also perfect instead of fairylights.  Available in a wide variety of colours you can match them to your theme colours or go for an all white look which is very elegant and definitely says ‘wedding’.  Tie them to string and hang them along a fence, between trees or from market umbrella to market umbrella and voi-la, an instant party backdrop!

3. FlowersFlowers can be a fairly large part of a wedding budget, but don’t let this scare you off from using them at your next event or engagement party.  There are plenty of flowers at the cheaper end that still looks beautiful – ask your local florist to give you some guidance and look for flowers that easily fill a space.  You can then spend a little bit more on some bolder bigger flowers to make the arrangements pop, or use coloured vases or vintage silver tea pots to give the more simple looking flowers a beautiful home.  Once you’re done choosing your flowers and arranging them in vases place them around your venue and accompany them with small candles to help them glow into the night.

4. Bunting/GarlandsThese are one of my favourite party planning ideas because I love creating them in the days leading up to the day and they are a very easy way to add colour and decoration to your event.  A simple search on the internet will bring up plenty of ‘how to’ guides for making your own (in most cases you’ll need a sewing machine), or if you don’t have the materials to make them yourself head to Etsy where plenty of very creative individuals have done the hard work for you and made them available for purchase with easy and quick delivery.

5. Drink station/barA bar doesn’t have to be plain and unispiring… there are plenty of fun ideas to make this a feature of your event.  Add a few extra flower arrangements to give it some colour, use patterned fabric to cover an ugly table and give it some life, use something quirky like a wheel barrow with ice or wine barrels topped with a wooden bench, or have your bar staff dress up in bright shirts with bowties (so cute!).  You don’t need to be fancy with the drinks either (although a signature cocktail is always a hit!), instead make some non-alcoholic punch and use glass bowls or jugs with garnishes of strawberry, lime or lemon to freshen things up.

6. Photo board/garland - Not everyone at your engagement party would have known you both for the full length of your relationship, or if they have they might not have been there for every fun/silly/romantic moment.  That’s why I love the idea of displaying some photos of you and your fiance so all your guests can catch up on the last few years of wonderfulness.  You can create a photo board or get creative and peg the photos to some twine along with small flowers or foliage in between and hang this along a wall or fence.  I love it!

7. Photobooth - Make some new memories with your guests and set up a photobooth.  It can be as simple or as complicated as you like, this is your engagement party and you can make it whatever you like!  I have seen some great photobooths made from a simple large sheet of patterned fabric, a wall of bunting and paper wheels, strips of ribbon in all shades of a colour tied to the branch of a tree and even empty hanging photo frames.  Let your guests take photos and # tag them on instagram for an instant album of fun party photos.

8. Sweets table - This is always a hit at parties I go to and looks great visually!  Make some yummy cupcakes (or buy some if your time is running out), get a cupcake stand to display them and then surround them with jars of your favourite lollies.  I also love a sweets table that is finished off with some pretty flowers.  Stamp some plain paper lolly bags with you and your fiance’s initials and you’ve created a lovely gift for your guests to take home with them.

9. Welcome/Entrance sign – People need to know where the party is, so make a sign using a large chalkboard (you can create one yourself with chalk board paint) and use those drawing skills to pretty it up, or check out this great tutorial on making life-size numbers/letters out of cardboard (minus the lollies in the middle)!  I also love the idea of filling a wheel barrow with potted plants and having a wooden sign staked into the middle with an arrow pointing to the entrance of your party.

10. PinterestAn endless source of inspiration and DIY projects, Pinterest is one of my best tips for party planning.  It is easy to use, is based on pictures so you are instantly inspired and you can search for anything, and I mean anything!  Simply search for ‘party ideas’, ‘white theme ideas’ or ‘engagement party ideas’ and you’ll have days worth of inspiration for your next event.  We have created two Engagement Party Ideas boards so head over to the Two Little Owls in Love Pinterest page for more ideas and inspiration.

If you have any other ideas, tips or tricks for planning an engagement party we’d love to here from you and I’m sure all of our Bride to Be’s would to.  So please feel free to leave a comment below.

Now start that planning list and have fun!

Image credits: Ruffled Blog

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  • Zoraida Cruz

    I have to prepare an engagement dinner in 5 days for my son. I am thinking in having a dinner in my house but I need suggestions to decorate my house. Hope you can help me. Thank you.

    • littleowlinlove

      I would suggest keeping it simple and focusing on lots of pretty flowers (down the centre of the table and a few around the house). Add some candle light or fairy lights to make it a little romantic and don’t go too fancy with the cooking, keep it to something you/re comfortable with so that you can enjoy yourself too. Another great and simple way to decorate the table is by pre-preparing some delicious and colourful salads. Place these on the table and you have instant decoration. Visit our Pinterest page for plenty of engagement dinner party inspiration http://www.pinterest.com/littleowlinlove

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